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Sa.Ba Designs was born out of a love for design and architecture, and a vision to make the fashion space more inclusive. Created as a minimalist brand serving an investment purpose, we focus on creating distinctive pieces that will make you stand out of the office crowd, while also ensuring you’re putting a little something away for a rainy day. We know our audience, we are our audience. So we want to ensure that the love for pretty trinkets doesn’t hurt your purse strings. 
We have a simple motto here – ‘If it’s on the skin, it’s got to be silver.’ You’ll find that a lot of our accessories are created in sterling silver. So, when you choose SaBa, you’re not just getting the best fine-crafted quality, but also making an investment into your future. Inspired by the clean lines and long-lasting appeal of European architecture, we’re here to bring affordable office fashion back into vogue. 
We don’t like restrictions, and we don’t like judgement. We especially don’t like restricting ourselves to feminine fashion. So most importantly, we focus on design for all. Our unisex collections and men’s jewellery range will make you wonder at the huge range of options available. Who knows, maybe next time you can even gift your Dad something other than a pen or a shirt.



The Creator

A creative mind, an architect by profession but an all rounder designer with a B.Arch degree from Bhartividyapeeth College of Architecture, Pune, on her way to leave a mark in the Fashion Industry, Sanjana Baghel, our Founder and Creative Head, has a keen eye for artistic designs and aesthetics, and she's here to stay. Personally giving attention to all the pieces and never missing out on details, Sanjana's sense of style is intriguing and quirky.

Having done her M.Sc in Entrepreneurship Innovation and Management from University of Nottingham, she has a unique way of getting things done the right and ethical way, which is what makes this brand standout. Always looking at things creatively and getting inspired from everyday objects around her, Sa.Ba Designs is her forte and she wishes to carry on her interests with the support of her customers, whom she promises to keep happy with Sa.Ba’s accessories and services. 
Sa.Ba has landed after two years of research and designing. She thinks Jewellry/accessories is something not restricted to women, it's an expression and therefore unisex, making Sa.Ba unique in its own way! 





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